The City of Melbourne electoral system is… unique!

In Melbourne, every eligible resident gets one vote but each business and non-resident property owning couple get two. This anti-resident bias means that residents make up only 40% of all voters. It is also the reason why the City of Melbourne consistently elects a majority of councillors who do not live inside the municipality: the only Council in Australia that does so.

When you vote, make sure you know where every candidate stands. Your eight Greens candidates are all local residents with strong community connections. We never take donations from property developers or gambling interests.

For a Town Hall in touch with the people of Melbourne, and for Councillors who will fight for YOU, vote for The Greens on both ballots.

The Melbourne City Council elections are held by postal ballot. You will receive your two ballots from 6 October and need to post them by 6pm 23 October to have your vote count and to avoid a fine.

How to vote for The Greens

Remember that YOU decide where your preferences go.

If you would like to follow our advice, ‘how to vote’ guidance will be published in voter ballot packs alongside The Greens’ candidate statements.

You can also see our ‘how to vote’ advice here.

Where are my ballot papers?

Ballot papers will be mailed to you from 6 October 2020.

If you have not received your ballot paper by 14 October, you can call the Victorian Electoral Commission’s Melbourne election office on (03) 8619 1444 to request replacement ballot papers. You can also call this number to request a replacement if you have lost or damaged your ballot papers.

No ballot papers are accepted after 6pm Friday 23 October 2020. If you don’t have your ballots in the mail and postmarked as having been mailed by this time, you may be fined.

More information

The Victorian Electoral Commission provides more information on how Melbourne City Council voting works here.

The guide includes information on how to vote if you will be away for any of the postal voting period, and how to seek assistance if you have a physical, sensory or cognitive impairment. It also explains your voting entitlement and the overall franchise.