We are an experienced councillor, a midwife, a filmmaker, an urban planner, a community organiser, a human rights advocate, a lecturer, a school teacher and small business owner. We all live and work in the City of Melbourne, and we are the only major ticket in this election that can say that. We never take donations from property developers or gambling companies; we ask for your vote so that we can represent and fight for YOU.

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Homes For Everyone

Young people, families and essential workers are being priced out of the central city. Our homelessness and housing affordability crisis is out of control. Council’s own data show that in 2019, there were 1,725 people experiencing homelessness, a shortfall of 5,500 safe and affordable rental homes and significant gaps in emergency accommodation. COVID has only […]

Parks for Everyone

The Greens have launched Parks For Everyone, a policy initiative to focus the construction of new parks in the areas of the City of Melbourne in the greatest need. And we’ve done it with a front page splash in the Southbank News: our flagship project proposes a new 2.5 hectare park straddling CityLink! Front page […]