9 July 2013

The City of Melbourne Annual Plan and Budget was endorsed at the June Council meeting, after months of community consultation, Councillor debate and higher level strategic planning for the Council’s four year term.


There are some great outcomes in the Annual Plan and Budget which directly relate to the Greens City of Melbourne policies:

City of Melbourne Annual Plan and Budget 2013-14 Greens Policy
  • $2.6m to continue implementing the Bike Plan
Transport Key Priorities 13 & 15
  • $220k Road Safety program to improve shared road use
Transport Key Priority 14
  • $4.6m for major streetscape improvements; making walking more convenient and enjoyable
Transport Goal 6
  • $1.5 million flood mitigation program
Environmental Sustainability
  • $704k for new community solar and solar farms project
Environmental Sustainability Goal 6
  • $135k for the Smart Blocks program, making it easier for those in apartments to live sustainably
Environmental Sustainability Goal 3
  • $7 million to refurbish Kathleen Syme Centre for community use
Community and Services Principle 1
  • $100k to consult community and expand smoke free zones
Community Wellbeing and Safety Key Priority 12
  • $150k to audit and improve Council’s community engagement strategies and trial deliberative democracy projects
Democracy Key Priorities 3, 4 & 7
  • The tourist shuttle will no longer be subsidised by residents and will pay its way by charging $5 per head (children under 10 still free)
Frees funds for other transport projects.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg! The majority of the policies that the Greens went to the 2012 election with have been addressed at least partly in the 2013-14 Annual Plan and Budget.

The full Annual Plan and Budget is here, along with various summary literature.