Thursday, 3 November 2016

The results are in, and the Greens have secured our best ever result in the City of Melbourne.

Crs Cathy Oke and Rohan Leppert were sworn in to office last night at Melbourne Town Hall. For the first time, we have reached two quotas and elected two Councillors without preferences.

On the Leadership Ticket, Dr Olivia Ball and Roxane Ingleton as Greens Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor candidates achieved a 6.48% swing with a primary vote of 21.27%. The Greens came second to Robert Doyle who was re-elected as Lord Mayor, on a two candidate preferred basis of roughly 42% to 58%. In the context of an electoral roll that is made up of 60% non-residential business and property owning interests, we are extremely proud of this result.

On the Councillor Ticket, Crs Cathy Oke and Rohan Leppert were elected; the Greens ticket as a whole – made up also of Apsara Sabaratnam, Jenny Pitts and Ben Curnow – achieved a 4.5% swing with a primary vote of 20.12%. Other Councillors elected to Council are 3 more Team Doyle candidates to join their Leadership Team (making 5 out of 11 Councillors in total), 1 Jackie Watts (Team Morgan), 1 Michael Caiafa (Phil Cleary Means Business), 1 Philip Le Liu (Together Melbourne) and 1 Brooke Wandin (An Indigenous Voice).

We ran our biggest campaign ever: thousands of doors knocked, and a strong and committed team of candidates, family and friends, supporters, donors and more volunteers than ever before.

To everyone who supported us in our vision for a sustainable, liveable Melbourne: THANK YOU. Our campaign is people-powered and these achievements are yours.

Congratulations to Robert Doyle and all elected Councillors. The Greens look forward to four constructive years of meeting the challenges facing our inner Melbourne communities.