The 2020 Melbourne City Council election will be by postal ballot, between 6 and 23 October. All voters on the roll will receive two ballots. The Greens are fielding candidates on both the Leadership (Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor) and Councillor ballots. All eight Greens candidates live inside the City of Melbourne.

Apsara Sabaratnam

For Melbourne Lord Mayor

I’m an academic, a unionist and a long-term CBD resident. I teach at RMIT University, specialising in management and human resources.

Like many who call our city home, I was born overseas – moving from Sri Lanka to Zambia and Zimbabwe, before migrating to Australia. I was attracted to Melbourne city because of its vibrant arts scene, the restaurants and nightlife. I have lived in the CBD for 19 years.

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Roxane Ingleton

For Melbourne Deputy Lord Mayor

As a midwife, I dedicate my working life to the safe births of the next generation. But I worry about the world they will inherit. The climate emergency is a health issue. Increasing extreme weather and bushfires directly threaten our health and daily life. Passionate about public health, I have long campaigned for divestment from fossil fuels, for greening the healthcare industry and for human rights in healthcare.

As an active union representative, I fight for fair working conditions for my fellow nurses and midwives in the public health sector.

I’ve called Melbourne home these past 20 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. I live in North Melbourne and work in Parkville.

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Cr Rohan Leppert

First Councillor candidate

I am an incumbent Melbourne City Councillor, first elected in 2012, and a long-term Kensington resident. On Council, I chair the Arts, Culture and Heritage portfolio and I am deputy chair of the Planning and Transport portfolios. I am a Director of the Municipal Association of Victoria and chair its Planning Committee.

Outside of Council, I work as a planning and heritage consultant, and as a musician and music teacher.

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Dr Olivia Ball

Second Councillor Candidate

A professional human rights advocate, I bring human rights expertise to the diverse activities of Council. Many Greens priorities at local government level – the affordability of housing, the accessibility of our city and our democracy – are human rights issues.

A published author, I hold a Masters and PhD in human rights, as well as a degree in Australian politics and public policy. I also have a science degree, which combined, give me skills in assessing evidence and applying research.

I have lived, worked and studied in the City of Melbourne for most of my life, having lived in Carlton and Flemington, worked in the CBD, West Melbourne, Carlton and Southbank and studied at Melbourne Uni and RMIT.

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Emily Corcoran

Third Councillor Candidate

Growing up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, I became involved in politics at a young age, seeing first-hand the impact that council decisions have on the places where we live: planning, open space, community services.

Now, as a passionate public-school teacher and ethical small business owner, I am committed to making a difference in the world, ensuring that our society is an equitable one that cares for people and ensures a cleaner, greener planet for future generations. As a teacher, I have spent years empowering young people to feel like they can make a positive impact on their city, and this is my chance to lead by example.

A proud, apartment-dwelling Carlton resident, I understand the joys and challenges of inner-city living: the importance of community organisations, the benefits of council services and the value of quality public open space.

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David Jeffery

Fourth Councillor Candidate

I grew up in public housing in Melbourne. I’ve experienced firsthand the importance of affordable housing and the services local government can provide to connect our communities.

After my parents passed away at a young age, I raised my two younger sisters. So I know how hard it is for working families to make ends meet and get by in a growing city that prioritises the profits of developers over people.

I have committed my professional life to ending domestic violence, taking meaningful action on the climate emergency, promoting LGBTIQ+ rights and improving access to justice. I live in Kensington and would give my all to serving the community on Melbourne City Council.

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Nakita Thomson

Fifth Councillor Candidate

As an urban planner, I love the City of Melbourne for its effective tram network and beautiful heritage buildings. I am passionate about the environment and social justice and pursued this commitment through a Masters in Community Development and Urban Planning.

I grew up on the outskirts of Shepparton before moving to Bendigo to study. I am now a proud Southbank resident.

As a young person, I know the cruelties of insecure work and cuts to the university sector. Young people bear the brunt of the COVID-19 recession and should have a seat at the table as we reset our economy and our future. Young people need all levels of government to act urgently to avert the climate crisis and the collapse of ecosystems. Local council is a powerful driver of change and future-proof policy.

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Charlotte George

Sixth Councillor Candidate

As a wide-eyed 16-year-old living in Adelaide, I attended an event encouraging school leavers to study at Melbourne Uni. It worked – I wanted to move to Melbourne more than anything in the world! Two years later, I did just that, and Melbourne has been my true home ever since. I have lived in other places, but my heart has always belonged to Melbourne.

Arts and culture is a particular passion and expertise of mine, having worked in the creative industries for more than 15 years as a writer and filmmaker.

Previously a Kensington resident, I am now based in East Melbourne.

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