Melbourne City Council elections are being held in October 2020. Ballot papers to all eligible voters will be mailed out 6-8 October, and all ballots must be mailed and postmarked by 6pm 23 October. We recommend mailing your ballots by no later than 21 October. Voting is compulsory and you may be fined if you do not vote.

The Greens are running a team of eight local resident candidates at this year’s election.

We are fighting for a fairer, more affordable, more sustainable Melbourne.


Meet your Greens Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillor candidates. All eight candidates are residents of the City of Melbourne.


The Greens have a comprehensive policy platform over nine policy areas: Democracy, Planning, Environmental Sustainability, Transport, Community, Economic Development, Animals, Arts and Finance. The Greens are the only team on Melbourne City Council with a public, accountable and comprehensive suite of policies.


You have the power to determine where your vote goes, and which candidates you send your preferences to. Learn more about the City of Melbourne electoral system here.

Campaign Finance

The Greens are committed to transparent, accurate and timely disclosure of campaign donations. We also never take donations from the property development, gambling, fossil fuel, alcohol or tobacco industries. Check out our donations disclosure page.